Server Information

retRO Online is a pre-renewal server which follows the development of the classic euRO server, starting at Episode 5.

  • Renewal and 3rd Jobs will never be implemented.



Our rates are 1/1/1/1.

Base Exp:


Job Exp:


Drop Rate (monster and MVP):


Card Drop Rate (monster and MVP):



Donations: Unavailable

There is no donation system and no cash shop, which means absolutely no pay2win.



Episode: 5 - Forgotten Legacy of Ancient Era, Yuno


Max level:

99/50 - For now we are a pre-trans server. Trans classes will come with the corresponding episode. Max level will be 99/70 then.

Max stats:


Instant Cast:

150 Dex

Status Immunity:

100 Vit

Death Penalty:

1 %

Char Zeny Limit:


Vending Tax:


Buying Shops:


Tap Bonus:

Enabled - The original tap bonus is active. Meaning that each tap will increase the experience gain from a monster by 25%.

Party Bonus:

Disabled - There will be no party experience bonus, as there was none on the official server.

MVP Cards:


Custom NPCs:


Gutter Lines:

Disabled (Will be enabled with the corresponding Episode 9)

Main Language:



Maximum Number of Master Accounts: 1

Maximum Number of Game Accounts: 3

  • However, the 1 client restriction remains in effect. Only one of the 3 game accounts may be played with an active client. See our information about the Single Client Restriction below.
  • We don’t want people to be able to create an infinitive number of auto traders and flood the streets. In our opinion 3 game accounts are more than enough to realize your full potential.

Maximum number of Clients: 1

  • Only one client per player may be open at any time. It is also forbidden for a player to open multiple clients on multiple end devices.
  • Autotraders do not count. Autrotraders are merchants set up for vending, whose client was closed with the in-game command @autotrade.
  • The reasoning here is that we don’t want a player to be able to buff his character with an infinitive number of chars far beyond anything the game developers intended.
  • Secondly we want to encourage players to play with others in a party and thus also promote socializing.

Master Storage: Enabled

  • We are proud present our home-made Master Storage. 
  • It allows you to move items between the different game accounts, as with the traditional storage on the game account.

WoE: Disabled

  • WoE will be enabled in May 2021. At the beginning we will restrict WoE to only a few castles, depending on the number of WoE guilds. As more guilds join the fight we will expand the WoE and unlock more castles.

God Items: Enabled

  • In our eyes, WoE would never have become what it was in the end on the official servers, if there had been no incentive to achieve goals. We want to emulate this experience.
  • WoE and the mixing of God Items is always strongly dependent of the population on a server and we will keep this aspect constantly in mind and adjust our balances to the number of players. For example, limiting the maximum number of God Items per WoE or guild, or lowering the number of treasure boxes. The restriction to a few castles makes the creation of God Items much more difficult than on official servers. We are also aware that at that time not everything was perfect on official servers and it needs balancing in some places.

Blacksmith and Alchemist Ranking: Enabled

  • At the moment we have a top 3 list. We will expand this list the more the community of the server grows and the more blacksmiths or alchemists fight for the ranking.
  • Also check out forging chances to learn more about forging and how a Weapon is umproved by being a Top 3 Weapon.



  • Hercules Emulator with Gepard Shield 3.0
  • The server is based in the EU with professional dedicated hosting. We will make proxy servers available to reduce latency jitter for players in far distant regions, if the demand arises.
  • Server Time: UTC/GMT +1


Further Information:

In-game Channel System:

Disabled - We want discord to be the main communication tool on our server. Aditionally we experienced a lot of harassment and flaming on other servers with in-game channels and we would like to prevent that.

Cute Pet System:

Disabled- Pets do not give any stats or other advantages, they are purely cosmetic.

Card and Equip Combos:

Disabled - They were not available in Episode 5. They will be implemented in the corresponding Episode.

Platinum Skills Second Class:

Disabled (including Homunculus) - They were not available in Episode 5. We will implement them episodically. Homunculus will be implemented with Episode 10.2 - Lighthalzen.

Enabled Player @commands:

@noks  @autotrade @time  !ping  !vsync

Wedding / Adoption:

Disabled - At Episode 5 there is neither a wedding system nor adoption implemented yet. We will enable this feature as soon as episodically appropriate.



Admin Deja

  • Administration, Development


Main GM Chewie

  • Development, Support, Website Manager

Main GM Panda

  • Development, Support, Event Manager

Main GM Charly

  • Development, Support, Community Manager


Supported Languages: English, German