We have been asked several times now why we created this server and what our intention is with it.

We would like to give you a little insight into our motives: We created this server because Ragnarok has been a big passion in our lives for about 15 years now.

We have put a lot of heart, work and thought into this project. Therefore let us assure you of one thing. We will keep this server running, even if we are the last 4 online. Not only because we put so much effort into it, but also because we really want to see the server develop, both in terms of the content of the game and the community of players.

Even if it takes longer to reach a larger number of players, we will be there with fun and vigor and help this server as much as we can. We don't want to make money with this server, we don't even need to get out without losses. For us, a good server is worth paying money for on a regular basis and if we can make as many Ragnarok enthusiasts happy as possible, all the better.

In our opinion, there are no really authentic 1x rate servers without pay2win at the moment. This is not meant to be a criticism of other servers, each server has its own philosophy and each admin has his own motivations for it. Live and let live. However, we have not been happy with the offer anymore.

Therefore we have decided to open our own server. Since we all played on euRO, we wanted to model our server after it. However, since it is 2021 we wanted to implement certain Quality of Live features and thus give the server its own touch. You can read more about this on our website.


retRO Online Staff