Guild Account

It is possible for guilds to request a guild account from the retRO Online Staff.


The following requirements and rules apply:

- The Guild has to be lvl 4 or higher ( the guildlevel requirement will be increased with the age of the Server) and characters on this guild account cannot be deleted.
- The master account will be created by us, so that not one player has 2 master accounts.
- Only 1 game account can be created.
- This game account will be limited to 2 character slots.
- ONLY merchant classes may be created on these two slots.
- If the guild is dissolved, it is possible to transfer the characters to the guild leader account, otherwise the account will be deleted.
- It will be not possible to transfer characters to other accounts.
- If the game account is shared by other guild members, our account sharing clause will apply.
- Also guilds which have violated these rules, will not be granted a new guild account.
- Guild leaders are liable for any offense committed with the accounts.
- There will be no support whatsoever in case of incursions on the guild account.

The retRO Online Staff will review these accounts regularly and will immediately and permanently ban any account that violates the aforementioned rules without warning. In these cases all characters and items on this guild account will be lost.


To create a guild account you need to contact the retRO Online staff via Discord or support ticked on our website and provide the following information.
- Guild name
- Guild leader ingame name
- Guild leader discord tag
- Master account name of the guild leader


retRO Online Staff