Errors & Fixes

Side-by-Side Error when starting client

Dowload the VCredist Patch if you are facing Side-by-Side error when starting retRO.exe.

Unzip the file and install it. The installation can take few minutes. After the installation restart your PC.

After the process you should be able to start retRO.exe.

If your issue is not solves contact us via Discord or via Mail

VCredist Patch



Graphic Bugs - Fix / Graphic Enhancement

What is this fix?
Since older Ragnarok clients sometimes have graphic errors or graphic limitations, you can use dgVoodo to fix them.

It is important to note that the dgvoodo is not required for the retRO client to work!
The dgvoodo should really only be used if you have graphics problems and can not fix them or if you have performance issues.

If you don't want to use this fix and still have graphic problems you can press CTRL+ALT+DEL in the character selection window and open the task manager and simply close it again, then the error is also fixed.The dgvoodo offers a permanent solution, so you don't have to open the task manager every time you use the retRO client to fix the error.


dgVoodoo 2.62

Installation for dgvoodo:

1. Download dgvoodovia the link above

Do not panic about the virus warning, since the fix receives unknown dll's for most virus scanners it is detected as a Trojan. Since this is an external program we can not prevent this unfortunately

2. Unpack the downloaded .zip archive

3. Go into the unzipped folder into the path dgVoodoo2_62_1->MS-x86 and copy all 4 dll files and the dgVoodooCpl.exe into your retRO client folder

4. To remove the watermark in the lower right corner of the game, open dgVoodooCpl.exe from the unzipped folder.
In the General tab click on the "->" icon next to the top dropdown menu.
Then switch to the DirectX tab and uncheck "dgVoodoo Watermark" and confirm with "Apply".

5. If you still experience screen laggs, open dgVoodooCpl.exe from the unzipped folder.
In the DirectX tap set the VRAM to 1024MB and confirm with "Apply".
In the General tab click on the "->" icon next to the top dropdown menu.
And then in the DirectX tap set the VRAM to 1024MB and confirm again with "Apply".



Patcher Update: Button for retRO DB added

Important information for all players!


We have updated the patcher and the next time you patch a tmp.exe will be placed in your directory.

Please close your patcher after patching and start again with the tmp.exe.

When the play button appears in the tmp.exe close the tmp.exe and delete the tmp.exe.

After that your patcher will work as usual.

If there are any questions or problems you can contact us.


If you downlaod the new client from our website, these steps are not necessary.



High latency Solution - Exitlag

For players who live far from the server, the exitlag program can improve performance and reduce latency.

Visit the Exitlag Website here.

There is a 3-day trial period, which you can use to test whether the program is of any use to you.

In order to use Exitlag on our server you have to do the following steps.

1. set up Exitlag. Choose a server in Frankfurt / Germany. And press the button "apply routes".
2. Rename "retRO.exe" to "ragexe.exe".
3. start retRO Online with this "ragexe.exe".

You should now see your application as active in Exitlag.

As soon as you have used the patcher for our updates, it will create a new "retRO.exe", which you have to rename to "ragexe.exe" again.