Changelog – 15.03.2021


Regarding the Kafra Teleport Service, we have decided to **not make all locations available** at every Kafra.

The vote shows no clear majority, which lead to this decision.




Client: Fixed new_zone03, you can no longer walk through the stone.

Client: Fixed c_tower3, all stairs now have cells.

Client: Traps can now be placed on stairs in c_tower3.

Client: Moved objects out of the morroc bar.


Server: Master Storage implemented.

Server: @refresh removed.

Server: "Quagmire" effect refreshes now upon reentering.

Server: "Play Dead" quest knows now that you already have "First Aid".

Server: "Remove Trap" can now pick up monster traps.

Server: Looting speed of looter mobs decreased.

Server: Map reset time is 60 minutes.  Damaged monsters will now be **resetted too**.

Server: /guildinvite is now working as intended. However if there is a space in the name you have to use "\_".


QoL: Rough Elunium and Oridecon can now be refined in bulk.

QoL: Armor/Weapon refiner will offer fast and safe limit options.





Homepage: World Map.

Homepage: NPC Search function.

Server: Looting when Hunter traps are on the same cell.