Balancing changes

We are following the development of the official European Ragnarok Server and are trying to emulate it as best as we can. That being said, we know that players expect more of a game than 16 years ago, which is why we made some very few changes. On this page, we point out every change we implemented and the reasoning behind them.


Mob Spawn

We changed the mobspawn in c_tower1: Bathorys now spawn on the whole map. Punks, Archer Skeleton and Baphomet Jr. have now a spawntimer. 
Reason: We want to prevent abuse. In Episode 5 these monsters were concentrated in specific areas, which made farming them considerably easier.



We implemented the new storage system. It is more finely divided and sortable.
Reason: This is a nice quality of life feature and not game breaking.

Master Storage

We implemented our home-made Master Storage system. 
It allows you to move items between the different game accounts, as with the traditional storage on the game account.


Battle Mode

We have implemented the new battlemode. This means you can drop down up to 4 hotkey bars and see every skill or item you assigned.
Reason: This is a nice quality of life feature and not game breaking.


Item Share

Item share in parties now randomly distributes items among every party member present on the map.
Reason: This is a nice quality of life feature and not game breaking.


Arrow Crafting

We use the new recipes.
Reason: The old euRO values were too restrictive in our opinion. To give you some examples: Red Blood, Crystal Blue and Wind of Verdure only provided 50 ele arrows, Gills only 5 Crystal Arrows. This would make arrow crafting extremely difficult, which is why we have adopted the newer values that can be checked here: recipes



We enabled the @commands: @noks  @autotrade @time 

and additionally the !commands: !ping !vsync

@noks: It is a nice supportive tool to stop players from KSing each other. We enabled it to help enforce the no KS rule.
@autotrade: There is really no downside to this command. We enabled it so players can vend items while their PC is not running.
@time: This has no impact on gameplay whatsoever.
!ping: This has no impact on gameplay whatsoever.
!vsync: Disable limitation of 60 fps


Anti Inflation Patch

We introduced the anti inflation patch one Episode earlier than on the official European Server. Originally it was only introduced during the Episode 6 Update. 
The inflation patch changed the card drops to 0.01% for every card. In earlier episodes some cards had up to 0.2% drop chance.
Reason: We deemed this an important step to avoid giving players who have played from the start of the server an extreme advantage over those who joined later. This means that players who join from Episode 6 onwards are not at an excessive disadvantage.


Monster Drops

Each monster that naturally spawns also drops its card.


Fire Pillar / Traps

We have decided that the damage of these skills will not double with each monster.
If the damage per monster doubles, it would strengthen both Hunter and Wizards even more compared to other classes. It would allow them to mob on their own without any problems and get an enormously high damage output.
Since both classes are already very strong anyway, we didn't want to give them any further advantage.