Episode 6 - Beyond Midgard - Global Project - Part 1 - Amatsu and Kunlun

by [GM] Chewie on 03-05-2021

Amatsu and Kunlun are here.

Both towns are reachable by boat from Alberta (fee 10.000 zeny).


Beautiful, exotic and mysterious is the town of Kunlun. Displaying its beautiful earth tone colors and wonderful majestic structures, Kunlun is modeled after the ancient Chinese era.

With strategically placed stone statues to ward off any evil and keep the good within the city, the town is most pleasing to tourists, as well as traders who come from the far seas so reach this land. The lay of the land has many beautiful buildings designed to resemble those that would be standing back in the golden days of China and the dirt roads are decorated with the vivid red color paper lamps that give light to the pathway at night.

Sitting pretty in the sky, Kunlun is surrounded by the endless, vast blue sky, the wispy white clouds being its only companion with connected, floating miniature islands that float around this beautiful city. Kunlun will never cease to amaze you.

Kunlun is waiting to be discovered, and when it is…. Will you be ready to face the challenges that await you?




Amatsu is a breathtaking city, built in the spirit of old Japan. A long long time ago, a sailor got lost in a terrible storm, ship racked in a foreign land and thus discovered the exotic lands that later became Amatsu. The kind natives took him in, fed him, and nursed him back to health. During his explorations he fell in love with the place, which would be known as Amatsu and decided to tell the world about this place so that others may share in its wonders.


Straw huts line the streets and exquisite cherry blossoms give the atmosphere a pinkish-white glow. At the center is a shrine that sits partially underwater, surrounded by lush pine and bamboo trees. At the east stood the magnificent Lakeside Castle, where most of the village treasures - books and historical valuables - are contained.




Amatsu and Kunlun Spawn Changes



Miyabi Doll 1404,65
Firelock Soldier 1403,45
Shinobi 1401,2

Poison Toad 1402,35
Firelock Soldier 1403,20
Miyabi Doll 1404,5
Shinobi 1401,2
Horong 1129,10
The Paper 1375,1

Shinobi 1401,55
Firelock Soldier 1403,25
Miyabi Doll 1404,1
Tengu 1405,55
Mimic 1191,5
The Paper 1375,20
Incarnation Samurai 1492,1

Bloody Butterfly 1408,55
Enchanted Peach Tree 1410,35
Zipper Bear 1417,30
Red Plant 1078,5
Yellow Plant 1081,10
White Plant 1082,10

Enchanted Peach Tree 1410,30
Baby Leopard 1415,13
Evil Cloud Hermit 1412,25
Bloody Butterfly 1408,20

White Plant 1082,10
Wild Ginseng 1413,20
Wicked Nymph 1416,50
Evil Cloud Hermit 1412,30
Dark Snake Lord 1418,1


Punk 30 increased to 65
Archer Skeleton 6 increased to 10
Baphomet Jr. 9 increased to 26

Archer Skeleton 40 increased to 48
Alarm 1 added

added 1 Horong

Ambernite 10 increased to 15


MVP Dracula moved to gef_dun01
Joker 5 increased to 30
Deviruchi 15 increased to 30
Raydric removed
Khalitzburg removed
Myst removed
added 15 Fake Angel
added 1 Succubus
added 1 Incubus
added 30 Violy

added 1 Wraith

added 5 White Plant


Soldier Skeleton removed
Archer Skeleton removed

Soldier Skeleton 10 added
Archer Skeleton 5 added

Plankton 20 decreased to 10
removed 2 Pirate Skeleton
added 2 Thara Frog

Megadolon 5 increased to 6



gef_fild04 Roda Frog 30
moc_fild06 Peco Peco Egg 10


mjolnir_05 Poporing 31 removed


mjolnir_10 Argos 60 decreased to 45
gef_fild06 Poporing 20 decreased to 15
gef_fild07 Stainer 20 decreased to 5
gef_fild09 Poporing 15 changed to Poring 15
pay_fild10 Horong 20 increased to 30
prt_fild00 Roda Frog 20 decreased to 15
prt_fild01 Thief Bug Egg 20 decreased to 10
prt_fild11 Coco 10 increased to 15


yuno_fild02 The Paper 1375,1
yuno_fild03 The Paper 1375,3
yuno_fild04 The Paper 1375,3

Easter Event

by [GM] Panda on 29-03-2021

It's Easter time!

There are Easter Eggs and Easter Lunatics all over Rune Midgard, waiting for you to be found.
If you are lucky, you might find a cute Bunny Band Costume!

There is also a very angry Rabbit spotted somewhere around Prontera that does not like adventurers breaking its Easter Eggs and killing the innocent Lunatics.

Furthermore, a new NPC arrived from a distant land at Alberta, Harbard! He loves Unprinted Cards to create his own. These cards are dropped only by event monsters at a very low chance. You can trade 10 Unprinted Cards with him to obtain a Spare Card. Don't let this number discourage you! Harbard will remain in Alberta and plans to take up permanent resident there. The Spare Card is not meant to be obtained fast and easy. It will even take a dedicated player quite some time to get 10 Unprinted Cards. These cards will return and be dropped from monsters of following events.

The Bunny Band Costume, Spare Card and Unprinted Cards are Master Account-bound.

To celebrate Easter and the growth of retRO Online, experience gained is doubled for one week!
This does not effect drop rates whatsoever.

The Easter Event starts on 30.03.2021 (after the maintenance on monday) and ends on 12.04.2021.
Double Exp is from 30.03.2021 - 05.04.2021.

The Bunny Band Costume is dropped by Easter Lunatics (0.25%) and Angry Rabbit (5%). Unprinted Card is dropped by all Easter Eggs (0.05%), Easter Lunatic (0.05%) and Angry Rabbit (2.5%).

Happy Easter :)

retRO Staff


Race to 99 - results

by [GM] Chewie on 14-03-2021

As of today we have our 1st level 99er on the server.

We will present the results here and keep them up to date:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

1st place: DefinitelynotBob 31/03/2021
2nd place:
3rd place:


1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:


1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:


1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:


1st place: Milksmuggler 14/03/2021
2nd place:
3rd place:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:


1st place: Dexi 28/03/2021
2nd place:
3rd place:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:

1st place:
2nd place:
3rd place:


retRO Online Staff



New Patcher

by [GM] Chewie on 30-01-2021

Patcher Update: Button for retRO DB added

Important information for all players!


We have updated the patcher and the next time you patch a tmp.exe will be placed in your directory.

Please close your patcher after patching and start again with the tmp.exe.

When the play button appears in the tmp.exe close the tmp.exe and delete the tmp.exe.

After that your patcher will work as usual.

If there are any questions or problems you can contact us.


If you downlaod the new client from our website, this is not necessary.