New Patcher

by [GM] Chewie on 30-01-2021

Patcher Update: Button for retRO DB added

Important information for all players!


We have updated the patcher and the next time you patch a tmp.exe will be placed in your directory.

Please close your patcher after patching and start again with the tmp.exe.

When the play button appears in the tmp.exe close the tmp.exe and delete the tmp.exe.

After that your patcher will work as usual.

If there are any questions or problems you can contact us.


If you downlaod the new client from our website, this is not necessary.

Server Launch on 22.01.2021 !

by [GM] Chewie on 21-01-2021

retRO Online is pleased to announce that Server Launch is at


22.01.2021 at 6 pm GMT +1.


The registration is open for everyone who is interested:


Register HERE!


The game client is available for download on our website at:


Download Full Client


retRO Online is a classic pre-renewal Ragnarok Online server, which follows the development of the official European Ragnarok Online server from episode 5 with the original release schedule and tries to recreate the official European Ragnarok Online experience as best as possible.


There is no donation system whatsoever, no cash shop and no game-changing / breaking custom NPCs, which means absolutely no pay2win. And there never will be!


We have developed this server out of love for Ragnarok and will continue it with this intention. If you want to read more about this visit:   [Intention Link]


Our rates are 1x/1x/1x/1x.


Among our most important features are:

  • Single Client Only
  • Episodic release of content
  • Episodic monster stats / spawn
  • Episodic skills
  • Episodic quests

Read more about our settings at Server Information.


We know that the official European Ragnarok Online server was not perfect, that's why we have introduced some small balancing changes, which can be followed here balancing changes .


We hope to see you and as many of your friends as possible at the server launch.


For the server launch we have prepared two small events, you will find out the details soon.



If you have any further questions, feel free to join our Discord Server

where our team can answer them.


RetRO Online Staff




The Hunt

by [GM] Chewie on 20-01-2021

The world of Midgard is currently threatened by too many monsters, which is why the city guards of Prontera, Payon, Alberta, Geffen, Aldebaran and Morocc reward adventurers with useful items for slaying monsters.

The city guards have announced that you can do this in the period from 22.01.2021 at 6pm GMT +1 to 22.02.2021 at 6pm GMT +1.


The respective city guards have placed a guard in the respective places, which exchanges these items for the adventurers.


The guards stand in

Prontera: 150, 193

Payon: 85, 129

Alberta: 104, 61

Geffen: 127, 66

Aldebaran: 135, 123

Morocc: 148, 87

During this time you can exchange the following items for specific usables.



100ea Jellopy -> 100ea Novice Potions

50ea Red Herbs -> 25ea Red Potions

50ea Sticky Mucus -> 55ea Meat

100ea Rat Tail -> 5ea Concentration Potions

100ea Orcish Voucher -> 8ea Awakening Potions

50ea Wing of Red Bat -> 115ea Fly Wings



Sir William




Race to 99

by [GM] Chewie on 20-01-2021

To make the server start even more exciting and to give the most dedicated people the chance to win a prize, we have decided to organize a race to level 99 as one of our small introductory events.


The race will start with the server start and will be held separately for each second class.


This means that the first Priest, Monk, Knight etc. to reach level 99 will win the race in its class and therefore receive a prize. There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd in each race.


The prize for the first player to reach level 99 in their respective class is

  1. Old Card Album 1x
  2. Old Purple Box 5x
  3. Old Blue Box 10x
  4. Gift Box 20x


The prize for the second player to reach level 99 in their respective class is

  1. Old Purple Box 5x
  2. Old Blue Box 10x
  3. Gift Box 20x


The prize for the third player to reach level 99 in their respective class is

  1. Old Blue Box 10x
  2. Gift Box 20x


The prices should only be a small bonus for the first 99er characters and are not meant as a real incentive to become 99 as quickly as possible, which is why they are relatively moderate. We don't want to rush you.


You can follow the respective ranking on our website in the ranking info. But be aware other players can hide their characters in the ranking.


To win the prize you have to take a screenshot with the character that clearly shows that the character has reached level 99.


This screenshot must be posted via discord in our channel #events with a ping to a gamemaster. The first screenshot that meets these requirements will win the respective prizes. This means, the first player who posts the screenshot wins, not the player who takes one.


So don't hesitate to post your screenshots so that other players don't beat you to it.


Please note our rules in our terms of service, especially those in subparagraph 1.3.

This means first of all, but not exclusively, that only one prize can be won per master account.




retRO Online Staff