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Welcome to retRO

Server Launch on 22.01.2021

retRO is a low rate (1x/1x/1x) classic MMORPG emulator in a fixed pre-Renewal setting and official-like gameplay. We aim to emulate the classic feeling of old, which many -us included- miss in today’s servers. What sets us apart from most private servers is the lack of a donation system, a cash shop and game-changing / breaking custom NPCs. This means there is absolutely no pay2win on our server and there never will be.

About retRO

Base EXP 1x
Job EXP 1x
Droprate 1x
Episode 8.0

No Multiclient

retRO has a single client restriction. This means that each natural person may only open one client at any given time. A client closed with "@autotrade" does not count as an open client.

No Donation/Cash Shop

retRO has no donation system and no cash-shop. This means that there is no way to donate money or buy in-game items or services with money. That means absolutely no Pay2Win.

World-Wide Proxy

With our AWS Global Accelerator we offer you a lag-free gaming experience. When the internet is congested, AWS Global Accelerator optimizes the path to your application to keep packet loss, jitter, and latency consistently low.

Gepard Protected

retRO is protected by the client side security Gepard Shield 3.1. We offer you a bot- and cheat-free gaming environment, where everyone has the same chances and challenges.

Masteraccount System

We offer you our very own Master Account system, where each player can create his allowed 3 Game Accounts. With our Master Storage you can move items among all characters of the Master Account. With our Master Banker you can move Zeny among all characters of the Master Account.

Episodic Releases

We offer you the official release order of the episodes modeled after the classic euRO server. Reminisce about the glory days with episodic skills, quests, monster stats and spawns. We prefer a slow release cycle, so you will have enough time to enjoy the content.

Seasonal WoE

retRO offers a seasonal WoE with currently 2 castles open. Each season lasts 8 weeks, at the end of the season the venue is changed, the owners of the castles are removed and the achieved Econ is zeroed. Then the fun starts all over again.

Godlikes enabled

On retRO the Godlike System is activated. With Episode 9 it will be possible to create Godlikes. Also MVP cards and Mini Boss cards are enabled. retRO offers the official setting of the original Classic RO servers.

Want to know more?


We have been asked several times now why we created this server and what our intention is. We would like to give you a little insight into our motives:

We created this server because this game has been a big passion in our lives for about 15 years now.

We have put a lot of heart, work and thought into this project. Therefore let us assure you of one thing. We will keep this server running, even if we are the last 4 online. Not only because we put so much effort into it, but also because we really want to see the server develop, both in terms of the content of the game and the community of players.

Even if it takes longer to reach a larger number of players, we will be there with fun and vigor and help this server as much as we can. We don't want to make money with this server, we don't even need to get out without losses. For us, a good server is worth paying money for on a regular basis and if we can make as many enthusiasts happy as possible, all the better.

In our opinion, there are no really authentic 1x rate servers without pay2win at the moment. This is not meant to be a criticism of other servers, each server has its own philosophy and each admin has his own motivations for it. Live and let live. However, we have not been happy with the offer anymore.

Therefore we have decided to open our own server. Since we all played on euRO, we wanted to model our server after it. However, since it is 2021 we wanted to implement certain Quality of Life features and thus give the server its own touch. READ MORE >


retRO's 1 year Anniversary!

by [GM] Charly on 23-01-2022

Dear players,

retRO turns 1 year old.

To celebrate this we have thought of a nice birthday event for you that consists of two single events.

**We will have a short maintenance soon to implement the events. The events will run from the maintenance to 28/02/2022. **

**retRO Tower**
In Prontera you will find a retRO Poring that needs your help. He asks you to help him liberate his tower, a challenge neve...


Christmas time on retRO!

by [GM] Charly on 07-12-2021

Ho ho ho!  Christmas Time on retRO!  

From Monday, the 6th of December to Monday, the 3rd of January! Snow is falling on all of Rune Midgard and the citizens of Prontera have decorated their town to beautifully fit into this heartwarming time! 

Santa is having a lot to do during this time. The production rate and population of the Toy Factory has been increased!

To celebrate Christmas we will have increased Base and Job Exp during the event! Rates are now x1...

War of Emperium
SAT 10:00 - 11:00pm UTC +1 Starting soon Prontera retRO
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Journey to 99
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Saint Charly the Clean 24,775,169
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Omenpapa 82,275,132
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