Welcome to retRO Online! ~ Server Launch on 22.01.2021

retRO Online is a low rate (1x/1x/1x) classic MMORPG emulator in a fixed pre-Renewal setting and official-like gameplay.
We aim to emulate the classic feeling of old, which many -us included- miss in today’s servers.
What sets us apart from most private servers is the lack of a donation system, a cash shop and game-changing / breaking custom NPCs. This means there is absolutely no pay2win on our server and there never will be.

We start our journey at Episode 5.0 - Forgotten Legacy of Ancient Era, Yuno.
Episodic changes
, followed by an episodic release schedule.
The reasoning here is to give you the closest classic experience you can have and let you experience the content little by little, so that you will be able to enjoy the game as you did in the early days, which is unfortunately no longer available on most private servers and the official ones.

That being said, we know that in 2021 players expect more in the aspects of Quality of Life (QoL) and Balancing changes than they did 16 years ago.
This in mind, we introduced minor QoL content to our emulator to make your experience more enjoyable, without introducing game-breaking changes.

The most important changes are the following:

  • Our master account system, in which all your game accounts are grouped.
    This means you will only have to log in once into your master account to access all your game accounts.
    You are only allowed to have one master account and in this master account you are allowed to have 3 game accounts.

  • We are proud present our home-made Master Storage.
    It allows you to move items between the different game accounts, as with the traditional storage on the game account.

  • There are a number of player commands available to you, which weren’t available in the old days.

  • Only 1 client may be opened at any given time by you.(Autotraders do not count)
    The reasoning here is that we don’t want a player to be able to buff his character with an infinitive number of chars far beyond anything the game developers intended.
    Secondly we want to encourage players to play with others in a party and thus also promote socializing.

  • If you are new here and thinking about joining us, read our Server Informations and join us in-game. Register HERE!

    retRO Online Staff

    Episode 6 - Beyond Midgard - Global Project - Part 1 - Amatsu and Kunlun
    Episode 6 -  Beyond Midgard - Global Project - Part 1 - Amatsu and Kunlun

    Amatsu and Kunlun are here.

    Both towns are reachable by boat from Alberta (f...

    Easter Event
    Easter Event

    It's Easter time!

    There are Easter Eggs and Easter Lunatics all over Rune Midgard,...

    Race to 99 - results
    Race to 99 - results

    As of today we have our 1st level 99er on the server.

    We will present the results here and keep them up to date:

    1st place:

    New Patcher
    New Patcher

    Patcher Update: Button for retRO DB added

    Important information for all players!


    We have updated the patcher and the next time you patch a tmp.exe will be placed in y...

    Something to Watch!
    Screenshots of our Community